The Pump & Motor Specialists



Permco is a leading manufacturer of high-pressure hydraulic gear/vane pumps and motors, flow dividers, intensifiers, and accessories. Available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to suit your application needs.



Concentric is recognised as a gear product specialist offering a broad range of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, power packs and flow dividers for mobile equipment applications. Concentric expertise in design and development has resulted in state-of-the-art gear product technology.



For over 50 years Galtech has been proposing itself as a leading company in the production of oil-pressure equipment, keeping total customer satisfaction at the centre of its main philosophy. Customers are aware that this professional aim allows Galtech to grant a highly qualified, customized and continuative service.

Pumps & Motors Whitelaw Hydraulics

Pumps & Motors

Gear, Vane, Axial Piston, Bent Axis, Screw, Helical Rotor, Gerotor & Geroler – you name it, we do it!

From robust, simple Gear Pumps & Motors, to Precision Closed Loop & Open Circuit Variable displacement pumps & motors.

We truly are,
The Pump & Motor Specialists!

Pumps & Motors Whitelaw Hydraulics

Power Units

We custom build High-Quality AC, DC, Petrol & Diesel Power Units.

From baby, cost effective units, right up to high powered, complex tailored solutions.

Give our sales team a call to design a custom solution just for you!

Pumps & Motors Whitelaw Hydraulics

Control Equipment

To complement our extensive pump/motor and power unit range, we are a leading importer, stockist and manufacturer of control equipment throughout Australia.
We import best-in-class world leading brands. We supply and manufacture any control system from simple monobloc DCVs, through to fully proportional radio control systems.

Pumps & Motors Whitelaw Hydraulics


Our mission is to provide our customers with unique, tailored and customised solutions, with full technical and supply back-up.
Naturally we need to be a leading and competitive importer and supplier of accessory equipment to help facilitate and achieve our standing as one of Australia’s most technical and competent hydraulic engineering companies.

Brand Hydraulics
Brand Hydraulics
Proportional Flow Control Valves
COM FLOW Sectional direction valves
Sectional direction valves
Flows up to 265 LPM
Delta Q Motors
Delta Q
Variable Displacement Piston Pumps
Diesel Power Packs
Diesel Power Packs
Custom Built!
Duplomatic Oleodinamica Valves
Duplomatic Oleodinamica
Directional Control Valves

Full Service
Euroline Hydraulics
Euroline Hydraulics
Axial & Bent axis piston pumps & motors
Galtech Directional Control Valves
Directional Control Valves
Haldex DC Hydraulic Power Packs
Haldex Concentric
DC Hydraulic Power Packs
Rotary Gear Flow Dividers
HECO Gear Speed Reducers
Planetary Reduction Gear Boxes
Hydronit AC Hydraulic Power Packs
AC Hydraulic Power Packs

On Time
PERMCO Alloy Pumps
Custom Built Alloy Pumps
Denison Interchangeable Vane Pumps / Motors
High Quality Gear Pumps, Motors & Flow Dividers
Industrial Hydraulic Tanks
Hydraulic Tanks
Industrial Quality
Lodar Radio Remotes
Radio Remotes

Luen and MTC line mount valves
Luen and MTC
Line Mount Valves
Magnetek Power Motion Control
Proportional Radio Control
MP Filtri filtration
MP Filtri
Low & High Pressure Filtration
Honda Hydronit Petrol Packs
Honda Hydronit
Custom Built Petrol Power Packs
SETTIMA helical rotor screw pumps
Helical Rotor Screw Pumps
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