Model Code DescriptionSpec Sheet
P02012 Button Wired PendantDownload
P02024 Button Wired PendantDownload
VCF6Pressure Comp Flow Control CartridgeDownload
CSB04CBi-Directional Flow Control CartridgeDownload
CPE04PManual 'Emergency' Release Cartridge - NCDownload
CM04LSingle Acting Manual Lever with Micro SwitchDownload
HD03ADouble Acting Manual Lever Cetop 3 ValveDownload
PMC02LManual Hand Pump Cartridge 2cc/StrokeDownload
CARTPM04Stackable Manifold Manual Hand Pump - 4cc/StrokeDownload
CARTPM09Stackable Manifold Manual Hand Pump - 8.8cc/StrokeDownload
CSPC15Proportional Flow Control Cartridge - 15lpm MaxDownload
PSH01S0100Pressure Switch, Adjustable, 10-100BarDownload
PSH01S0300Pressure Switch, Adjustable, 50-300BarDownload
GTL76TELevel Gauge with Temp & Level SwitchDownload
E60403020Stackable Manifold Return FilterDownload
E60403025Stackable Manifold Pressure FilterDownload
Model Code Tank Size (Nom)CodeDescriptionSpec Sheet
H603030161.5 LTR1.5LPlastic Tank - Horiz/VertDownload
H603030183.0 LTR3LSteel Tank - Horiz/VertDownload
E603030011.6 LTR1.5ASteel Tank - Horiz/VertDownload
E603030042.8 LTR2.5ASteel Tank - Horiz/VertDownload
E603030065.3 LTR5BSteel Tank - Horiz/VertDownload
E6030301110.4 LTR10BSteel Tank - Horiz/VertDownload
E6030304210.2 LTR10CSteel Tank - Horiz/VertDownload
E6030301213.5 LTR12BSteel Tank - Horiz/VertDownload
E6030304423.3 LTR22CSteel Tank - Horiz/VertDownload
E6030304110.5 LTR8EVSteel Tank - VerticalDownload
E6030301418.0 LTR15EVSteel Tank - VerticalDownload
E6030301521.0 LTR20EVSteel Tank - VerticalDownload
E6030304833.5 LTR30EVSteel Tank - VerticalDownload
E2020180015.0 LTR15NVPlastic Tank - VerticalDownload
Model Code DisplacementMax PressureCodeDescriptionSpec Sheet
E605050010.2 CC/REV250 BARH01Group 0 Alloy PumpsDownload
E605050040.4 CC/REV250 BARH04Group 0 Alloy PumpsDownload
E605050060.63 CC/REV250 BARH06Group 0 Alloy PumpsDownload
E606030010.8 CC/REV210 BARG08Group 1 Alloy PumpsDownload
E606030021.1 CC/REV210 BARG11Group 1 Alloy PumpsDownload
E606030031.3 CC/REV210 BARG13Group 1 Alloy PumpsDownload
E606030351.6 CC/REV210 BARG16Group 1 Alloy PumpsDownload
E606030042.1 CC/REV210 BARG21Group 1 Alloy PumpsDownload
E606030052.6 CC/REV210 BARG26Group 1 Alloy PumpsDownload
E606030063.2 CC/REV190 BARG32Group 1 Alloy PumpsDownload
E606030073.7 CC/REV190 BARG37Group 1 Alloy PumpsDownload
E606030084.2 CC/REV190 BARG42Group 1 Alloy PumpsDownload
E606030094.9 CC/REV170 BARG49Group 1 Alloy PumpsDownload
E606030106 CC/REV170 BARG60Group 1 Alloy PumpsDownload
E606030127.9 CC/REV160 BARG79Group 1 Alloy PumpsDownload
E606030149.8 CC/REV130 BARG98Group 1 Alloy PumpsDownload
E606050021.2 CC/REV250 BARH12Group 1 Alloy High Pressure PumpsDownload
E606050351.7 CC/REV250 BARH17Group 1 Alloy High Pressure PumpsDownload
E606050042.2 CC/REV250 BARH22Group 1 Alloy High Pressure PumpsDownload
E606050052.6 CC/REV250 BARH26Group 1 Alloy High Pressure PumpsDownload
E606050063.2 CC/REV250 BARH32Group 1 Alloy High Pressure PumpsDownload
E606050073.8 CC/REV250 BARH38Group 1 Alloy High Pressure PumpsDownload
E606050084.2 CC/REV250 BARH42Group 1 Alloy High Pressure PumpsDownload
E606050094.7 CC/REV240 BARH47Group 1 Alloy High Pressure PumpsDownload
E606050106 CC/REV210 BARH60Group 1 Alloy High Pressure PumpsDownload
E606050127.4 CC/REV190 BARH74Group 1 Alloy High Pressure PumpsDownload
E60600932HL3.20 & 0.90 CC/REV210 BARK09+32HLGroup 1 Alloy High/Low PumpsDownload
E60601250HL5.00 & 1.20 CC/REV210 BARK12+5HLGroup 1 Alloy High/Low PumpsDownload
Model Code VoltageDescriptionSpec Sheet
M47TC000112V150 Amp Starting RelayDownload
M47ZC000112V200 Amp Starting RelayDownload
M47TC000224V150 Amp Starting RelayDownload
M47ZC000224V200 Amp Starting RelayDownload
Model Code PowerDescriptionSpec Sheet
MGE00ST505.0 HPHydronit Engine, Recoil StartDownload
CH2606.0 HPKohler Engine, Recoil StartDownload
CH3959.5 HPKohler Engine, Electric StartDownload
L70N66.7 HPYanmar Engine, Electric StartDownload
L100N610.0 HPYanmar Engine, Electric StartDownload
Model Code VoltagePowerSpeedSpec Sheet
0.75KW1P4PB3B14A240V0.75 KW1440 RPMDownload
1.10KW1P4PB3B14A240V1.10 KW1440 RPMDownload
1.50KW1P4PB3B14A240V1.50 KW1440 RPMDownload
2.20KW1P4PB3B14A240V2.20 KW1440 RPMDownload
0.75KW3P4PB3B14A415V0.75 KW1440 RPMDownload
1.10KW3P4PB3B14A415V1.10 KW1440 RPMDownload
1.50KW3P4PB3B14A415V1.50 KW1440 RPMDownload
2.20KW3P4PB3B14A415V2.20 KW1440 RPMDownload
3.00KW3P4PB3B14A415V3.00 KW1440 RPMDownload
4.00KW3P4PB3B14A415V4.00 KW1440 RPMDownload
Model Code VoltagePowerDescriptionSpec Sheet
F16000001Plastic Cover for 2 KW MotorDownload
M46C1ST2112V2.10 KWDownload
MB14C1ST2512V2.50 KWDownload
M46C2ST2224V2.20 KWDownload
M46C2ST3024V3.00 KWDownload
M46C2ST4024V4.00 KWDownload