Brand Hydraulics Co.

Located in Omaha Nebraska in the United States, Brand Hydraulics designs, manufactures and assembles a diverse product line of hydraulics and electro-hydraulic components. These products are designed for international usage and include electro-hydraulic flow control valves, electronic controllers, selector valves, flow dividers, directional valves and more. Brand’s commitment is to high quality products that are continuously updated and improved.

Flow Control Valves

Electronic and manually controlled flow control valves come in varied circuit designs to suit most applications. These valves can control up to a whopping 340lpm, while other designs cater to smaller flow rates of 0-19lpm. The valves are constructed in high quality cast iron with many different port options.

Electronic Control Boxes

The Brand electronic control boxes are designed to proportionally adjust the Brand EFC-Series valves. The controller is Pulse Width Modulated (PWM), which helps reduce the effects of hysteresis. The boxes include single or dual potentiometer dials, paddle control, adjustments to fine tune ramps and min/max settings.

Selector Valves

The Brand DS range is a 6-port selector valve available with electronic or manual push/pull control. These valves are typically used to divert flow between two separate circuits. The standard selector spool (open cross-over) allows operation of two double acting cylinders or two reversible motors with one 4-way directional control valve. It also allows operation of four single acting cylinders with one 4-way directional control valve.

Monoblock Valves

The Brand, SDCF combines the features of a four-way directional control valve and pressure compensated flow control valve. The manual handle allows the user to meter flow out of either port. Flow to the work port is directly proportional to the movement of the lever. Flow out of each work port is constant regardless of load changes, this allows the customer to maintain smooth and constant movement of a cylinder or motor.

Flow Divider Valves

The Brand B100AB series non-adjustable and FP56 adjustable series flow dividers will provide a 50/50 or 95/5 (respectively) ratio of flow between two outlets. Both outlets are pressure compensated which cater for pressure variations while maintaining a steady output of flow. Both available in varied port sizes and max inlet flow rates.