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Filtration & Accessories

Whitelaw Hydraulics supply a wide range of filtration products for all mobile and industrial applications. Pressure filters, return filters, spin-on cans, strainers, breathers & accessories are imported from MP-Filtri. As a total solution provider, Whitelaw Hydraulics have partnered with MP-Filtri to offer nothing but the best to the Australian market.

Pressure Filters

  • FHP Filter Housings

    MP-Filtri Housing Including Element
    • Includes Bypass
    • 1/2" BSPP Indicator Port
    • 420 BAR MAX Pressure
    Model Code PortsDescriptionSpec Sheet
    FHP0652BAG1A10NP011/2" BSPPPressure Filter Assy Inc ElementDownload
    FHP1352BAG2A10NP011" BSPPPressure Filter Assy Inc ElementDownload
    FHP3202BAG2A10NP011-1/2" BSPPPressure Filter Assy Inc ElementDownload
  • FHP Filter Elements

    MP-Filtri Element Only
    • Inorganic Microfibre
    • 10 Micron
    Model Code Max FlowDescriptionSpec Sheet
    HP0652A10ANP0170 LPMElement to suit FHP0652Download
    HP1352A10ANP01138 LPMElement to suit FHP1352Download
    HP3202A10ANP01365 LPMElement to suit FHP3202Download

Return Filters

  • MPF Filter Housings

    MP-Filtri Tank Top Filter Including Element
    • 1/8" BSPP Indicator Port
    • Multi Return Port Design
    • Drop Tube Available
    Model Code LengthPortsDescriptionSpec Sheet
    MPF0301AG1P10NBP0111/2"Filter Housing inc ElementDownload
    MPF1103AG22P10NBP0133/4" & 1/2"Filter Housing inc ElementDownload
    MPF1821AC11P10NBP0111-1/4" & 1/2"Filter Housing inc ElementDownload
    MPF1922AC12P10NBP0121-1/4" & 3/4"Filter Housing inc ElementDownload
  • MPF Filter Elements

    MP-Filtri Tank Top Element Only
    • To Suit MPF Housings
    • Different Types Available Upon Request
    Model Code FilterMax FlowDescriptionSpec Sheet
    8MF0301P10NBP01Nominal60 LPMElement to suit MPF0301Download
    8MF1003P10NBP01Nominal220 LPMElement to suit MPF1103Download
    8MF1801P10NBP01Nominal280 LPMElement to suit MPF1821Download
    8MF1902P10NBP01Nominal500 LPMElement to suit MPF1922Download
    8MF0301A10HBP01Absolute24 LPMElement to suit MPF0301Download
    8MF1003A10HBP01Absolute124 LPMElement to suit MPF1103Download
    8MF1801A10HBP01Absolute230 LPMElement to suit MPF1821Download
    8MF1902A10HBP01Absolute465 LPMElement to suit MPF1922Download
  • MPS Filter Heads

    MP-Filtri Head to Suit CS Can
    • Alloy Contruction
    • Includes Bypass
    Model Code PortsSeriesDescriptionSpec Sheet
    MPS050RG13/4" BSPP50050 Series spin-on filter headDownload
    MPS100RG11-1/4" BSPP100100 Series spin-on filter headDownload
    MPS200RG11-1/2" BSPP200200 Series spin-on filter headDownload
    MPS300RG11-1/2" BSPP300300 Series spin-on filter headDownload
  • CS Spin-on Cans

    MP-Filtri Can to Suit MPS Head
    • Can be used for Return Filter or Breather
    • Suits MPS Filter Heads
    • Suits SCS Breather Riser
    Model Code FilterMax FlowSeriesDescriptionSpec Sheet
    CS050P10ANominal55 LPM50Spin-on filter can 10 micronDownload
    CS050P25ANominal60 LPM50Spin-on filter can 25 micronDownload
    CS100P10ANominal130 LPM100Spin-on filter can 10 micronDownload
    CS100P25ANominal140 LPM100Spin-on filter can 25 micronDownload
    CS050A10AAbsolute48 LPM50Spin-on filter can 10 micronDownload
    CS100A10AAbsolute110 LPM100Spin-on filter can 10 micronDownload


  • TA Filler Breathers

    MP-Filtri Tank Top Filler Breathers
    • Includes Strainer Basket
    • High Quality Finish
    Model Code DescriptionSpec Sheet
    TA46B10A0C1P0146mm Filler BreatherDownload
    TA80B10A003P0180mm Filler BreatherDownload
  • SCS Flanged Breathers

    MP-Filtri Breather to Suit CS Cans
    • Can be used with CS Filter Cans
    • High Volume Breather Capacity
    Model Code SeriesDescriptionSpec Sheet
    SCS050FG1AP0150BSPP Flanged Breather RiserDownload
    SCS100FG1AP01100BSPP Flanged Breather RiserDownload


  • STR Strainer Elements

    MP-Filtri Suction Strainers
    • 90 Micron
    • Includes Bypass
    • Threaded Connection
    Model Code PortsMax FlowDescriptionSpec Sheet
    STR0501SG1M903/8" BSPP24 LPMStrainer ElementDownload
    STR0701SG1M901/2" BSPP32 LPMStrainer ElementDownload
    STR0702SG1M903/4" BSPP75 LPMStrainer ElementDownload
    STR0704SG1M901" BSPP150 LPMStrainer ElementDownload
    STR1001SG1M901-1/4" BSPP180 LPMStrainer ElementDownload
    STR1003SG1M901-1/2" BSPP250 LPMStrainer ElementDownload
    STR1004SG1M902" BSPP490 LPMStrainer ElementDownload


  • LVA Level Indicators

    MP-Filtri Level & Temp Gauge
    • Strong Polyamide Construction
    • Includes Screws and Nuts
    • Includes Temp Gauge
    Model Code BoltsDescriptionSpec Sheet
    LVA10TAPM10S01M103" Level/Temp GaugeDownload
    LVA20TAPM12S01M125" Level/Temp GaugeDownload
    LVA30TAPM12S01M1210" Level/Temp GaugeDownload
  • Filter Indicators

    MP-Filtri Pressure & Return Indicators
    • Indicators to suit Pressure & Return Housings
    • T2H Blanking Plugs Available
    Model Code To SuitDescriptionSpec Sheet
    DVA50HP01FHP Pressure Filters5bar Visual Differential IndicatorDownload
    DLA50HA51P01FHP Pressure Filters5bar Elec/Visual Differential IndicatorDownload
    BVR14P01MPF & MPS Return Filters1.4bar Radial Pressure IndicatorDownload