MP Filtri

MP Filtri has been active for over fifty years and now stands out as global leader in filtration solutions for the hydraulic industry. There are many reasons behind the success of the company. A culture focused on reliability and communication, an in-depth knowledge of the market and a well-established tight-knit team. These key benchmarks transmitted by the founders to the second generation are guiding principles. Building on the company’s achievements to-date and remaining loyal to its values is driving MP-Filtri to new heights and into the future.

Pressure Filters

High pressure filters are designed to withstand the maximum pressure of the system and are sized according to the specific flow rate required. Featuring robust build quality, these filters are designed to thrive under high working pressures and offer exceptional protection to sensitive components downstream of the filters. A wide range of models are available to satisfy all needs, from low to high flow rates, with a wide choice of filter elements to ensure maximum circuit protection.

Tank Top Return Filters

Return filters perform the task of filtering fluid and preventing particles from entering the system externally or from internal wear and tear of components. These filters are normally mounted to the reservoir fully or semi-immersed. The position of the filters ensures returning fluid takes place in an immersed condition in all operating conditions, preventing the creation of foam and vortexes in the tank that can cause aeration and cavitation in pumps.

Spin-on Cans

Spin-on filters are used to protect individual pumps, valves or the entire hydraulic circuit from contamination. The aluminium head is mounted in-line with or without a bypass valve and optional barometric or differential clogging indicators. The elements are available in cellulose, wire mesh and absolute rated micro-fibre media. They have multiple applications in a hydraulic system which include suction filters, return line filters, In-line filters & breathers.

Bellhousings & Couplings

Power Transmission is the division dedicated to structural components for the coupling between electric motor and pump. MP Filtri couplings, used for power transmission from a motor to a hydraulic pump, are available in Australia in aluminium, or on indent supply as cast iron and steel. MP Filtri bell housings, monobloc or modular, are available in different types for the maximum compatibility with most pumps available on the market.