Lodar Ltd is an industry leader in the design and production of Industrial Wireless Remote Controls. Since 1984, the team at Lodar have reinvented and developed their radio remote system to suit the needs of working companies and individuals. Lodar believe quality and excellence should come as standard. Flexibility in design allows them to easily modify the standard range, to meet the many specific individual requirements that are requested.

Basic Series

The Lodar basic series bridges the gap between a once expensive alternative of wireless control and cost-effective solutions. Although reduced functionality and options compared to the IP series remotes, the basic series boasts the same high quality and technology. Ingress protection ratings still top out at IP67 and come with a 45m range. Programming and customisation is still a possibility with this cost effective range.

IP Series

IP Series systems are the flagship of the Lodar brand. Customisation of the transmitter decals with thousands of pre-made options and the ability to make any personalised alternatives. The receiver and transmitter able to be programmed to meet any application requirement with changes to latching, time outs, deadman buttons and much more. IP67 receiver and transmitter, multi-voltage receiver and a 60m range is just a taste of what is possible with the IP series.


To support the full range of Lodar systems, extra accessories have been developed to supplement the range. IP series covers are an option to protect the transmitter from various types of damage. Cradles have been added for the different types of transmitters, including styles that let the operator know when it has been left outside a vehicle. Also, aerials can be added to a system to give the operator the best range for their wireless system.