Heco Gear

Headquartered in California USA. Heco is a manufacturer of planetary speed reducers. They have been manufacturing planetary speed reducers for worldwide markets since 1974. Serving a broad spectrum of industries including primary metals, food processing, petroleum, agriculture, aerospace, marine, fishing, material handling and mobile equipment. With an overriding commitment to outstanding customer service. Heco have maintained a consistent four to six week delivery on standard products for the last ten years, while also offering an emergency shipment commitment of 24 hours.

Planetary Gearboxes

The HECO product line consists of three series of planetary speed reducers. Within each series Heco offer many options to customise the product to the application. The Model 16 is rated to 30,000 in.lbs. of output torque. The Model 25 is rated to 85,000 in.lbs. of output torque and the largest Model 50 is rated to 140,000 in. lbs. of output torque. Each series is available in a variety of reduction ratios to more readily fit the application.