HV Hydraulic

HV Hydraulic S.R.L. has been operating in the hydraulic sector since 2003, specialising in the production of hand and foot pumps, diverter valves, limit switches and other customised products.

The various fields of application demonstrate the great versatility of these components, which include agricultural, mobile and industrial machinery. Their greatest strength is the focus on constant and continuous specialisation in the hydraulic component sector. This has made the company one of the most important manufacturers in the international markets. The successes achieved to date lead HV Hydraulic S.r.l. to respond with the utmost level of service in accordance with customer expectations.

Hand Pumps

Whitelaw Hydraulics import the PMP range of HV hydraulic hand pumps. Available from 20cc to 70cc. This high-quality American made product is ideally suited for many applications in the mobile industry and other industries. A release knob option is also available.

Products Coming Soon

Diverter Valves

The D3V & D6V range of diverter valves come in a 3 port and 6 port design with a rotary selector lever to allow for selection between multiple circuits. These valves are a cast iron construction with normally open centre. Closed centre is available upon request.