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Hydraulic Tanks

Closed circuit piston pumps are available with a variety of control options: direct manual, servo-assisted manual, remote hydraulic, remote hydraulic with feedback and more. Multiple units can be assembled using axial piston pumps of different sizes, and gear pumps. Possible configurations include circuits with built-in exchange valves and pressure relief valves.

Cyclonic Action Reservoirs

  • Cyclone 20-60 GPM Tanks

    For Closed Loop Systems
    • Up to 90% Saving in Oil Volume
    • Ideal for Closed Loop Transmission Systems
    • Better Suited to Motor-Only Circuits
    • Electric Float/Level Switch
    • Electric Float/Level Switch
    Model Code Min. FlowMax FlowTotal VolumeSuction PortReturn PortSpec Sheet
    CHR20-MBBLF-JJVC-1038 LPM75 LPM7.6 LTRS1-7/8" UNO1-5/16" UNODownload
    CHR40-MBBLF-JJVC-1075 LPM151 LPM17 LTRS1-7/8" UNO1-5/16" UNODownload
    CHR60-MBBLF-JJVC-10113 LPM226 LPM30 LTRS2-1/2" C611-5/8" UNODownload