Hydronit Srl produces electric over hydraulic power packs for mobile, industrial and marine applications. Unlike their largest international competitors, which have multiple businesses in different transmission sectors, Hydronit’s core business is fully committed and focused in the research, development and production of modular hydraulic power packs and relevant components only, for which excellence is the only objective. Thanks to the lean organisational structure and technologies employed, time to market is significantly reduced in comparison to their competitors.

DC Power Units

The Hydronit PPC range of DC power units provides highly diverse modularity in an intelligently designed and manufactured range. The high-quality componentry is perfectly suited for mobile markets while also preserving low cost, resulting in better quality equipment, for less. Hydronit componentry options are available including fan cooling, high pressure pumps, MANY valving choices and so much more.

AC Power Units

Using the Hydronit PPC range of componentry coupled with locally sourced AC motors, power ranges up to 4kw can be achieved in 3 phase motors and 2.2kw in single phase motors. Due to the vast range of tanks, the AC range can be customised to be a vertical or horizontal design with modular manifolds for multiple stacks of directional valves. Both pressure and return manifold mounted filters can be added to the system for better longevity in the field.

Petrol/Diesel Power Units

Hydronit have developed coupling sets to allow for adaption to their hydraulic componentry for petrol and diesel engines. Hydronit petrol engines are available along with many popular brands like Honda, Kohler and Yanmar. All modular components are available in this range as it is for the DC & AC packs. Whitelaw Hydraulics fully test the units hydraulically before despatch.