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Bellhousings & Couplings

Whitelaw Hydraulics offer bellhousings & couplings for electric/petrol motor to hydraulic pump adaption. Both sides of the bellhousing is machined ready for instant installation with an additional gasket. Couplings length requirements always vary, so we bring in the longer version so they can be machined to suit most applications. The internal of the coupling can also be modified to suit a spline shaft if required.


  • Petrol Engine Style

    3hp - 18hp Bellhousings
    • To Suit Standard Engine Mounts
    • Plastic Lid Inspection Cover
    Model Code Pump HPMax. CPLG Dia.PCDInside ClearanceSpec Sheet
    60483-6 HP2.75"2.84"3.63"Download
    602110 HP4"2.84"4.5"Download
    601915-18 HP4"4.187"4.5"Download
  • SAE Pump Style

    MP-Filtri 80 - 180 Frame Bellhousings
    • To suit AC Motors & SAE Pumps
    • High Quality Finish
    Model Code FramePump MountDescriptionSpec Sheet
    LMC200AFSW06080/90SAE A 2 BoltBell HousingDownload
    LMC250AFSQ060110/112SAE A 2 BoltBell HousingDownload
    LMC250AFSQ070110/112SAE B 2 BoltBell HousingDownload
    LMC300AFSX060132SAE A 2 BoltBell HousingDownload
    LMC300AFSX070132SAE B 2 BoltBell HousingDownload
    LMC350AFSU060160/180SAE A 2 BoltBell HousingDownload
    LMC350AFSU070160/180SAE B 2 BoltBell HousingDownload
    LMC350AFSU080160/180SAE C 2 BoltBell HousingDownload
  • SAE Gaskets

    MP-Filtri Gaskets to Suit LMC Bellhousings
    • Cork Gasket to Suit AC Motor Mounts
    Model Code FrameDescriptionSpec Sheet
    GUMP20080/90MP Filtri GasketDownload
    GUMP250100/112MP Filtri GasketDownload
    GUMP300132MP Filtri GasketDownload
    GUMP350160/180MP Filtri GasketDownload


  • AC Motor Couplings

    MP-Filtri SGEA Couplings
    • Alloy Construction
    • Includes Locking Screw
    • Metric Shaft Sizes
    Model Code DiameterFrameDescriptionSpec Sheet
    SGEA21M03048FG68mm80Electric Motor Drive CouplingDownload
    SGEA21M04048FG68mm90Electric Motor Drive CouplingDownload
    SGEA21M05060FG68mm100/112Electric Motor Drive CouplingDownload
    SGEA31M05060FG85mm100/112Electric Motor Drive CouplingDownload
    SGEA31M06077FG85mm132Electric Motor Drive CouplingDownload
    SGEA51M06077FG109.5mm132Electric Motor Drive CouplingDownload
    SGEA51M07109FG109.5mm160Electric Motor Drive CouplingDownload
    SGEA51M08109FG109.5mm180Electric Motor Drive CouplingDownload
  • SAE Pump Couplings

    MP-Filtri SGEA Couplings
    • Alloy Construction
    • Includes Locking Screw
    • To Suit Imperial Straight Keyed Shafts
    • Spline Shafts Available Upon Request
    Model Code Shaft Dia.DiameterDescriptionSpec Sheet
    SGEA21L00050FG5/8" Keyed68mmPump Drive CouplingDownload
    SGEA21G01050FG3/4" Keyed68mmPump Drive CouplingDownload
    SGEA21G03050FG7/8" Keyed68mmPump Drive CouplingDownload
    SGEA21G04060FG1" Keyed68mmPump Drive CouplingDownload
    SGEA31G01060FG3/4" Keyed85mmPump Drive CouplingDownload
    SGEA31G03060FG7/8" Keyed85mmPump Drive CouplingDownload
    SGEA31G04060FG1" Keyed85mmPump Drive CouplingDownload
    SGEA31G07060FG1 1/4" Keyed85mmPump Drive CouplingDownload
    SGEA51G01070FG3/4" Keyed109.5mmPump Drive CouplingDownload
    SGEA51G03070FG7/8" Keyed109.5mmPump Drive CouplingDownload
    SGEA51G04070FG1" Keyed109.5mmPump Drive CouplingDownload
  • SGEA Elements

    MP-Filtri Rubber Spider
    • Black Polyurethane
    • To Suit SGEA Couplings
    Model Code DiameterNominal TorqueMax. TorqueDescriptionSpec Sheet
    EGE268mm95 NM190 NMCoupling ElementDownload
    EGE385mm190 NM380 NMCoupling ElementDownload
    EGE5109.5mm310 NM620 NMCoupling ElementDownload
  • ML Steel Jaw Couplings

    Martin/Lovejoy Drive Couplings
    • Imperial & Metric Sizes
    • Different Hub Lengths
    Model Code Shaft Dia.DiameterLengthWeightDescriptionSpec Sheet
    ML0755001/2"45mm54mm0.44 KGShaft Coupling HalfDownload
    ML0757503/4"45mm54mm0.44 KGShaft Coupling HalfDownload
    ML0758757/8"45mm54mm0.44 KGShaft Coupling HalfDownload
    ML0756255/8"45mm54mm0.44 KGShaft Coupling HalfDownload
    ML075M2020mm45mm54mm0.44 KGShaft Coupling HalfDownload
    ML095M2525mm54mm63.5mm0.84 KGShaft Coupling HalfDownload
    ML095M2828mm54mm63.5mm0.84 KGShaft Coupling HalfDownload
    ML0955001/2"54mm63.5mm0.84 KGShaft Coupling HalfDownload
    ML09510001"54mm63.5mm0.84 KGShaft Coupling HalfDownload
    ML09511251-1/8"54mm63.5mm0.84 KGShaft Coupling HalfDownload
    ML0957503/4"54mm63.5mm0.84 KGShaft Coupling HalfDownload
    ML0956255/8"54mm63.5mm0.84 KGShaft Coupling HalfDownload
    ML0957857/8"54mm63.5mm0.84 KGShaft Coupling HalfDownload
  • ML Elements

    Martin/Lovejoy Rubber Spider
    • Black Polyurethane
    • To Suit ML Couplings
    Model Code DescriptionSpec Sheet
    ML075SRubber Spider - To Suit 075 Series Martin/Lovejoy CouplingDownload
    ML095SRubber Spider - To Suit 095 Series Martin/Lovejoy CouplingDownload
  • Spline Hubs

    Australian Made Imperial Hubs
    • Can fit to SGEA for Spline Coupling
    • High Quality Steel Construction
    Model Code LengthSplinesHub ODSpline SpecWeight
    9T163235mm932mm16/32 DP0.15 KG
    11T163238mm1132mm16/32 DP0.15 KG
    13T163245mm1338.1mm16/32 DP0.3 KG
    15T163250mm1545mm16/32 DP0.4 KG
    21T163275mm2154mm16/32 DP0.8 KG
    50D13021T1632130mm2150mm16/32 DP1.1 KG
    14T122463mm1454mm12/24 DP0.75 KG
    20T122475mm2065mm12/24 DP1.1 KG
    13T81663.5mm1376.2mm8/16 DP1.6 KG
    6T0.62540mm638.1mm6c0.3 KG
    6T1.00045mm650.8mm6b0.35 KG
    6T1.12575mm650.8mmAG TRAC.0.85 KG
    6T1.37575mm654mmAG TRAC.0.8 KG